Write Your Vision – Transform Your Life (300 Challenge)

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Write your vision, make it plain.

Habakkuk 2:2
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By now you’ve likely heard about the ‘power’ of vision boards and how visualization is key to manifesting your deepest desires. For some this is still jibberish and unicorn speak.

If this is you, let me share something with you that will put you on the path to manifesting your goals, dreams, desires above and beyond your wildest imagination. Grab a pen, a notebook or your favorite journal/planner. Now get comfortable and allow yourself to dream in living color about all the things in life you want to have, be, do, feel, see, accomplish, etc. This is no basic black and white dream, this is the full 4k dream where neither time, money, ability, nor anything else is a factor.

Now the challenge is to list 300 things. Don’t let that scare you as this is not meant to be a test, but moreso an opportunity for you to stretch your mind and think BIG….as BIG as your imagination will take you.

You have not because you ask not!

James 4:1-3

Ask for What You Want!

Steve Harvey, originally released his “Write Your Vision” YouTube video back in September 2019 and since then it has garnered more than 2.5 million views. I admit I only recently stumbled upon it, but was so moved by it I instantly knew I’d challenge myself and draft my own list of 300 things to the Universe. Anyhoo, in the video, he challenged the viewers to dream big and write down 300 things you want from God on a piece of paper and be as detailed as possible.

Now although, I only recently came upon this video, I have always been big on listing out my wants and dreams in my planner, just not to this degree. Not to date myself, but I can even recall several years ago when bucket lists were a thing and I had a pretty extensive list of things life goals and such. I witnessed firsthand the power of that list when I found my notebook [years later] where this bucket list was written and sure enough there were several things that I had successfully checked off to include my dream of doing missionary work and going to South Africa (both of which I had accomplished).

So here’s the thing, there is power in writing things down from your dreams, to your goals, dreams and desires. Putting things on paper has a way of making them real in comparison to typing them in a device. It doesn’t just start with writing down your wants, but includes believing and feeling that the things which you desire will indeed manifest. It involves reviewing your list on a regular basis (for some it’s daily) and trusting the process.

So you may be thinking “how in the hell can I come up with 300 things” even if we’re talking about dreaming big [out loud]. Trust me I totally get it and found myself getting stumped when I began drafting my list of 300 wants and dreams even though I am one who believes in the power of writing things down.

You will likely find yourself stumped and drawing blanks at about 70 items (if you even reach 70) reason being that you’ve likely not stretched your mind and imagination so grand as to allow yourself to truly dream so big. No fret, just keeping going and if need be, take a break, but come on back to it until you reach 300.

The beauty in this challenge is that nothing is too big, too outrageous, nor too unrealistic so go all out. If it is put upon you and within you then it can manifest.

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As you are drafting your list you will likely see a pattern in the things you are listing. Make a mental note and if perhaps they are heavy on any one particular category, for instance, materialistic-focused, then you may want to re-evaluate some things [no judgment]. Some things to think about as you are crafting you 300 wishlist…..

  • Career/Professional goals and aspirations
  • Health and wellness desires
  • Places you’d like to travel
  • Things you’d like to experience
  • Financial goals and dreams
  • Personal Goals
  • Educational goals
  • Spiritual goals
  • Materialistic wants and desires
  • Giving/Charitable donations
  • Business ideas and dreams
  • Dreams

Hopefully you are ready to begin your list of 300 things I want in life, however if you need just a little more encouragement to start, then check out Steve Harvey’s “Write Your Vision” video that started this challenge.

Writing things down gives you space to think big and aim high. No matter what’s going on in our outside world, when we write things down, we enter a world of possibility.

When we write things down, we have a chance to explore dreams and ambitions that we might not feel safe revealing to anyone else yet. We also have a space to keep track of all our ideas and desires so we can return to them later.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post as I stumbled upon Steve Harvey’s 300 wishlist challenge, then leave us a comment and join the challenge. Let’s see where our dreams will leads us!

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