How to Commit to Planning and Goal-Getting with the Commit30 Planner

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“Life is trying things to see if they work.”

– Ray Bradbury
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Organization. Planning. Goal-Getting.

The hardest part of anything is getting started. You have likely heard that it’s not how your start but how you finish. Establishing a routine is the key to getting ahead in most areas of our lives. I choose the Commit30 Planner as part of my planning routine and goal-getting.

When you stay organized, you don’t have to get organized!

As with most things in life, you won’t know if you like something until you try it and that applies to planning as well. The act of planning and goal-setting can seem so daunting and time consuming that many will shy away from it before giving it a good run. Having the right planner, process, and routine make planning less of a chore.

If you google “planner” on any given day, you will get tons of results from recognizable brands, no frills, daily, weekly, and fancy planners. It can certainly be a lot to process especially as a beginner planner.

In this post I want to share the planners I’ve adopted as part of my planning and goal-getting routines in hopes of encouraging you to check them out for yourself.

Planning as a Habit with Commit30 Planners

As a planner addict and avid journaler since as far back as I can remember, I have always had a love for writing things down. Not since I found the Commit30 brand about 6 years ago have I been so committed (see what I did there?) to planning and goal-setting.

The Commit30 Day Planner specifically is designed to help you not only meet your goals, but crush them. I prefer the dated weekly day planner which has plenty space for me to customize my pages so they are unique to my goals, plans, and planner style.

Although I use different planners throughout the year, my Commit30 planner is the primary planner with the others playing a supporting role.

Created by Jenny Newcomer, the Commit30 Planner is a daily planner and goal setting notebook that is “designed to help you commit to your goals and dreams and design a life you love”. It is easy to use and makes planning and goal-setting [and goal-getting] fun.

Quick facts

  • Standard: 5.75″ x 8.25” x .75″
  • Deluxe: 7″ x 10″ x .75″
  • Yearly Goals & Vision Setting
  • Calendar Overview Section
  • Monthly Calendar Layout
  • Weekly Layouts
  • Planning & Goal-Setting Pages
  • Mini Looking Ahead Calendars
  • 30-day Challenge Tracking Tool
  • Sunday or Monday Start Days
  • Shaded Monthly Corners
  • Motivational Quotes
  • 40+ Blank Notes Pages
  • Vegan Faux Leather Soft Bound Cover
  • Eco FSC Certified Paper
  • 100 GSM Paper
  • Page Marking Ribbon
  • Elastic Band Enclosure
  • Back Pocket

What makes the Commit30 planner even more of a treat for a planner addict like myself, is that the special layout provides blank pages in the front of the planner which I use as a vision board and the back of the planner which I use to reflect on my accomplishments for the prior year amongst other things.

By using the pages of my Commit30 planner as a vision board in addition to the habit tracking and goal-setting prompts within the planner, I can easily reflect, refresh, and revisit my vision for the year while doing my regular planner time.

In case you need a refresher, put simply, a vision board is a visual representation of your goals, says media and life coach Zakiya Larry. Typically poster-sized visuals, but here lately can be digital or like mine – in the blank pages within your planner – contains all kinds of images and text that represent the things you’re trying to accomplish.

In addition to the “vision board” pages in the beginning of the planner, this planner begins each month with a page for notes, projects, journal which I use for my monthly outlook/vision board. As you can see I’m big on vision boards, but if you know like I do, there is power in in creating the visual for where you want your life to go.

Putting your goals on paper in this type of visual format can actually help you achieve them. It’s a notion that Oprah and other celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon, have touted before (though Oprah says she doesn’t use a vision board anymore because she’s a “powerful manifestor.”) And there is plenty of research to back it up.

Another plus with this planner is the two-page weekly layout with blank spaces for each day that provides plenty of writing room to document daily activities, meetings, routines, and life/work tasks. This space is multi-use for me as I also include encouraging words for the week and a passage to motivate me as I navigate life for the week.

All in all, as a repeat customer [no this isn’t paid advertisement], I can say this planner really meets all my planner needs without being cumbersome or feeling like work. In the six years that I’ve been a customer, I have referred several friends – those who are planners and some new to planning in this way – and they have all become committed to this planner as a staple in their goal-setting routines.

I hope you found this helpful and even consider adding the Commit30 planner to your planner toolkit.

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